Finding Happiness through Grief


Sometimes grief looks like happiness… I’ve found mine in a bottle of ‘Sippsi Good Tea. 

The taste reminds me of the good things and good people this world has offered and taken back..

Behind the eyes of a smile there often lies many things…

The “We Grow On” at the Mississippi Museum of Art challenges you to encounter  “the difficult and variegated experiences of grief and to find new experiences of softness, healing, and resilience.”

And I wanted to. I wanted to sit there immersed in the emotions from things I’ve lost in the past.. relatives, friends, relationships … opportunities. I wanted to relive the feelings of sadness or madness or any of the many emotional stages that loss takes you through. I wanted to grieve the old me…

Instead I felt love.. warmth.. the joy found in loss. 

It’s only when you love so deep that you can feel the deepest sorrow.  With time, like this exhibit, grief begins to wither; never leaving but growing stronger. Our hearts begin to “grow on” and grow into the new experiences that life brings us.

Try a bottle of Sippsi Good Tea Today and let it remind you of the good people and places we may have lost but whose memories will forever live.


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